Poland, Germany, and Saudi Arabia implements Apple/Google API in contact tracing Apps


Many countries across the globe have used the Apple/Google API to create contact tracing apps. Poland, Germany, and Saudi Arabia are the latest in the line of countries to use the Apple/Google API to create respective COVID-19 contact tracing apps.

Apple/Google API COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

Apple and Google API

Apple and Google jointly created the Exposure Notification API which has been sued by many countries across the globe. Apple also released the Exposure Notification API in the last month’s iOS 13.5 update.


Currently, Apple says that 22 countries have requested to access the API. A few other countries that used the Apple/Google API to develop their contact tracing apps include Switzerland, Latvia, and Italy.

The exposure notification API allows Android and iPhones to interface with each other. It uses Bluetooth technology to give users a notification if they have been around a person who is COVID-19 positive.

The users can then take necessary actions to either isolate or take necessary medical help if needed. Apple and Google designed this API that uses Bluetooth technology to interact with other devices keeping in mind user privacy. It is why the APU is disabled by default.

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