President Trump and CEO Tim Cook to have Apple Texas Facility Tour

United States President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook are set to go on tour an Apple facility in Texas, according to Reuters. It was mentioned that the purpose of the trip was to highlight companies that keep its jobs in America.

Apple’s stance in the tour is to possibly alleviate tariffs on import goods from China, which includes components for the AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePod, iPhone and more.

In September, the Cupertino-based company declared that the newest Mac Pro will be manufactured in Texas and in the same facility where the Mac Pro was made in 2013. Apple says that the 2019 Mac Pro will have components that are developed, manufactured and designed by US-based companies, and suppliers from Vermont, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, New Mexico, Maine and Arizona.

Apple has spent upwards of $60 billion on more than 9,000 domestic suppliers. Furthermore, they have pledged a $350B investment by the year 2023.

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