Redesigned Apple Newsroom shows off featured stories

Apple Newsroom has gotten a facelift today, with emphasis on featured stories. The press release platform shares the profile of Portrice Warren, an Alabama educator who uses Apple products and resources to teach her students in a remote learning environment.

Warren is one of 500 teachers who went through virtual coding academy as part of the Community Education Initiative set by Apple. The program focuses on bringing creativity, workforce development opportunities and coding to underrepresented communities.

On the featured profile, Warren mentioned how planning is key when it comes to being a teacher. Tapping into Apple resources gives Warren a roadmap she can take to move forward. Balance is also part of the equation as she has to work with 64 students and more than a hundred parents.

Warren hopes her students will realize the impact of remote learning 10 years ahead. The Alabama-based educator mentions how it presents challenges and hard work, but someday it will pay off in the end and her purpose will have been fulfilled.

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