‘Replay 2020’ on Apple Music now available

Last year, Apple launched ‘Replay’ for the Apple Music, which shows subscribers their most listened songs since they began the service. Along with the announcement Apple has also said that they began tracking listening habits and has put them in a playlist called ‘Replay 2020’.

Replay 2020

Apple Music subscribers can get their ‘Replay 2020’ playlist by going to the Apple Music web version and scrolling down until they reach the yearly Replay lists. Then, go to the 2020 Replay and click the ‘Add’ button to have it sent to your library. The playlist will then show up on all your Apple devices.

'Replay 2020' on Apple Music now available

The ‘2020 Replay’ will be constantly updated depending on the songs you listen to. By the end of 2020 you may have up to a hundred songs on the ‘Replay 2020’ playlist. The feature was first available via the Apple Music iOS app but it was only temporary and for promotional purposes.