Restraining Order Handed to Tim Cook’s Stalker


Apple has recently filed a TRO, or temporary restraining order against Tim Cook’s stalker, named Rakesh Sharma. In the court order, Sharma is to stay away from the Apple CEO and Cook’s three bodyguards. The TRO will last until March 3, to which a hearing will follow.

Restraining Order Handed to Tim Cook's Stalker

William Burns, Apple security specialist described how Sharma began harassing Cook on September 25, 2019 when he left a disturbing voicemail, then by making another unsolicited call a week later. Sharma’s behavior escalated when he attempted to trespass on Cook’s personal property on two occasions. A hearing will be held on March 3 to discuss the next steps.

Cook, despite being CEO of a large global company prefers to keep a low profile. He’s also known for living a modest lifestyle and intends to distribute his wealth over time. Before the stalking incidents began Cook only had one bodyguard at any given time, but this may change.

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