‘Rewound’ App Pulled From App Store

‘Rewound’, an app that turns your smartphone into music players of the past has been pulled from the App Store. Notably, the app can make your iPhone look like a classic iPod, complete with a retro click wheel mechanism at the bottom.

Apple didn’t like the idea that the app ‘copied’ the iPod and charged for features in Apple Music. More importantly, Apple didn’t want to give people the impression that they made it.

'Rewound' App Pulled From App Store

‘Rewound’ developers disputed the charges, saying that the skins were added by users and that the button layout sans wheel isn’t a property of Apple. Moreover, they said that similar setups are common in operating systems.

Currently, those who downloaded the app won’t be able to update it unless Apple brings it back, but that will be unlikely. Rewound’s developers intend to make a web app and wants $50,000 to make it happen.