Save 10% on Apple Mac SSD Kits

Been dreaming of upgrading your Mac Pro’s storage? Today’s Amazon deal gives you a 10% savings on this option.

The Apple SSD Kit for Mac Pro is down $97.50, roughly 10 percent from its original price of $1,000 on Amazon. At $902.50 you can get two 1TB SSDs for added storage capacity.

Apple SSD Kit for Mac Pro

Apple Mac SSD Kits

Preview Product Price
Apple SSD Kit for Mac Pro (2TB) Apple SSD Kit for Mac Pro (2TB) $1,000.00 $913.08Amazon Prime

These SSD Kits make adding more storage to your Mac Pro a relatively easy affair. It’s a must buy for those who bought only the 256GB variant and now need more space for their files. The kit contains two modules which replaces your current ones you have. Keep in mind that reinstallation will require a 2nd Mac with a USB-C cable and Apple Configurator 2.

Stocks are running quite low on this deal, so if you’re looking to upgrade and are tired of using external drives, now is the time. Buy the Apple SSD Kit for Mac Pro today!