Are you looking for the large screen Apple iMac? The 27-inch screen is the best option for you. With stunning graphics and some fantastic features, the new 27-inch Apple iMac is the best option for your office or home needs. Now you can save $125 when you buy the 27-inch version of Apple iMac packed with 8GB RAM and 1TB storage. 

Apple iMac

Apple iMac

The Apple iMac has some amazing specifications. With the 27-inch Retina screen, you get a stunning 5K display that gives an incredible 5120×2880 pixel resolution which supports 1 billion colors. 

With this iMac, you get 6-Core 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 Processor. Thanks to the Radeon Pro 570x, 575x, or 580x Graphics processor you won’t have any difficulty completing your 3D graphics projects.

The graphics are even better with the addition of the Radeon Pro. With such power and also the availability of 8GB RAM, you will get lightning speeds. Finishing your projects is now not difficult at all. It also has two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. 

Amazon always offers a discounted price for Apple products. If you buy this new 27-inch Apple iMac on Amazon, you will save $125. You also get a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 at this price. Get this discount and pay $1,873.92. 


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