Scammers are using Apple’s name to acquire personal data

The US Federal Trade Commission has recently launched a warning against a new type of scam that involves getting Apple customers to divulge private information.

Robocallers pretending to be from Apple Support are currently circulating. They use techniques to acquire account passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive details from Amazon and Apple customers.

Apple's Name

In a blog post the FTC says that the suspicious calls will often tell the call recipient that he or she has been the target of a breach or shady iCloud activity. In Amazon’s case the caller will say that there has been an order issue, lost package or unwarranted purchase activity.

The victim may also be instructed to call a certain phone number. The FTC states consumers should disregard the calls and only go through legit channels for questions and concerns.

A similar phishing operation surfaced in 2019, with robocalls seemingly coming from the 1-800-MY-APPLE phone number.