A security researcher for Google accepts a new job at Apple

A notable figure in Google’s Project Zero platform has recently taken a position in Apple. Brandon Azad has worked in Google’s Project Zero and is now in charge of improving Apple’s security in iOS and other devices.

Project Zero is the title of a team of security researchers who find software vulnerabilities and security issues in Google products and other firms’. They also are tasked with improving general public software and devices by recommending changes to the device manufacturers, including zero click bugs and exploits in Apple’s I/O framework and hacked websites.

Security Researcher

Azad is primarily known for doing work on iOS and has been given credit in macOS and iOS patch notes regularly. His role in Apple is to plug security holes before they can be discovered by Project Zero and similar teams.

Brandon revealed his new role within Apple in a tweet. He also said how the move is both exciting and bittersweet sadness, and thanked his Project Zero teammates in a follow-up.