Apple is now accepting reservations for those who want to get help buying new products at their local Apple Store.

Apple Stores

A new service, called ‘Shop with a Specialist’ is being introduced in Apple Stores to promote safety and convenience. The Apple Store experience has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak, with fewer people allowed at any one time in stores. Shoppers had to wait outside for a length of time before they could enter and browse through Apple products.

The ‘Shop with a Specialist’ aims to solve this problem by offering an online appointment prior to visiting the physical store. This way, shoppers are guaranteed entrance and a more comfortable experience as they check out new Apple products and more.

Shoppers who have Shop with a Specialist appointments are still required to follow the health and safety guidelines set by Apple, which means they still have to wear a mask before being allowed inside.

Appointments, which range from 15-30 minutes depending on the store’s location, can be set in the Apple Store app.


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