Today, Apple has updated its Review Guidelines for analytics and advertising on Kids apps at the App Store. Moreover, it added several criteria on when apps can use the ‘Sign in with Apple‘ feature.

Sign in With Apple and Guidelines to 3rd Party Kids Apps Relaxed

Before, apps that use a social login service, e.g., WeChat, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google or Facebook to authenticate must also have the ‘Sign in with Apple’ option. Recent changes have added several exceptions to the rule.

In Kids apps, Apple says that 3rd party analytics may be allowed as long as the app does not collect identifiable information such as email address, date of birth, name, location and device identifiers.

Apps that transmit, collect and can share personal information must have a privacy policy and comply with children’s privacy statutes, e.g., the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

These children’s apps will have until March 3, 2020 to comply with the new guidelines as per Apple.


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