SoNo Collection Apple Store to replace Stamford location in February


Stamford Apple Store will be closed to give way to a new one in SoNo Collection. The event will be held February 15, 10 in the morning at the SoNo Collection mall.

SoNo Collection Apple Store to Replace Stamford Location in February

The Apple Store in Stamford is 14 years old and will be one of the many tenants vacating. Over the years, traffic has slowed down, which could be the main reason why Apple is relocating. Closing a store and opening a new one in another mall isn’t something new- Apple does this every so often to provide uninterrupted service and continued retail team member employment. The last strategic move was when Apple closed its Apple Store in Italy and opened a new grand flagship spot in Rome.

The Apple Store in SoNo Collection can be found at the Nordstrom Wing main level, right in the middle of Lillian August and Aerie. The new store will have contemporary pieces such as the Forum, a video wall and Today at Apple sessions.


Haider Ali Khan

Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.