‘South of the Circle’ arriving on Apple Arcade

‘South of the Circle’, an adventure-themed game is set to show on Apple Arcade.

‘South of the Circle’ features a unique graphical theme similar to screen printing used mid-century. It’s developed by State of Play, mostly known for their work on ‘Lumino City’, ‘INKS’ and ‘Kami’.

Apple Arcade

The narrative of the game centers around Peter, a Cambridge academic who’s crashed in Antarctica and is desperately fighting for survival in an effort to reach civilization. 3D motion capture is used for an added depth of realism. It also features actors such as Adrian Rawlins, Gwilym Lee, Michael Fox, Anton Lesser, Richard Goulding and Olivia Vinall.

‘South of the Circle’ does not have a release date yet but those interested can get a reminder when it goes live. The game can be played on macOS, tvOS, iPadOS and iOS.

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based game service that boasts more than a hundred exclusive titles for $4.99 a month.