Spotify Claims To Have Double the Subscriber Growth Rate Compared to Apple Music

Music streaming giant Spotify has announced that it now has 113 million paying customers in September, up 108 million from its numbers in July. The company has also mentioned that its active user count has grown to 248 million in September, which includes the ad-supported tier.

In the shareholder letter of Q3 earnings, Spotify says that the growth of subscribers is about twice as much as Apple Music’s, data that was taken from publicly available channels.

Spotify Apple Music

Furthermore, the letter stated that it feels confident about its place in the market, with data showing that they’re getting twice as much subscribers per month as Apple Music. Spotify believes that they also have half the churn rate and engagement is twice as high.

As per Eddy Cue, Apple’s services chief, Apple Music has had 60 million paying customers in June this year, which confirms the numbers Spotify has given in its report.

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