Stanford Medicine and Apple built a COVID-19 app for first responders

According to a report by CNBC Apple will partner with Stanford University on a new App that will offer COVID-related information to police paramedics, officers, and firefighters. Currently, the app is only for the Bay Area. The new iPhone App will also offer information on safety practices for COVID-19.    

Stanford Medicine built the App with Apple’s help. Stanford also has plans to expand this service to workers in other fields such as public service employees, clerks in the grocery stores, and others.

Stanford Medicine and Apple COVID-19 app

The App will screen the users as they answer a series of questions related to the symptoms of COVID-19.  The App asks questions related to the medical history of the users, exposure to the patients or other people who have COVID-19, etc.

The users can take the test results to the “department infection control officer” mentioned in the App.  From there they can schedule an appointment with Stanford Health Care site for further testing.

According to the experts, it is essential to test the medical workers for their safety. This initiative among many others helps understand the spread of COVID-19. Almost 1,000 police officers in New York have tested positive for coronavirus. The authorities say that it is important to know if the first responders develop the symptoms or not because they are the ones who go face to face with actual patients.