State ID authentication in Apple Wallet limited to One Touch ID profile

Apple has recently outlined the details of its upcoming iOS 15 feature, which allows storing state IDs on the Apple Wallet.

As part of the convenience of storing an ID into a digital wallet, Apple is implementing biometric safeguards to prevent fraud and add user information security.

Apple Wallet

Apple announced the states that will have driver’s license and state ID support for Apple Wallet. In addition, the Cupertino-based company shared how it will work, especially the adding of ID credentials.

Users can tap the plus icon to add IDs on their iPhones, then follow prompts for a scanning of the ID. Selfies will be sent for verification on the issuing state and several other steps for security, such as head and face movements will be asked.

Apple says a copy of the ID can be stored on the Apple Watch for convenience. Then, when adding via Touch ID, only one fingerprint will be allowed.

Wallet support for IDs is expected to launch with the release of iOS 15.