Tariffs on Select Apple Products to Begin September


The US-China tariff war will start to impact Apple products beginning September 1. The HomePod, AirPods, Apple Watch and others will be hit with an additional 15 percent tax on 12:01 am Eastern Sunday morning.

Apple Logo

Bloomberg shares that flash storage and repair parts for the iPhone may be affected. Apple’s flagship smartphone is set to receive a 15% tax on December 15 moving onwards, which means that the new iPhone 11 would not be hit with the tariff.

Analysts say that the Cupertino-based company will be absorbing the added costs, but it’s still possible that Apple will hike up some of their products. Experts say that a 15% tariff on the AirPods and Apple Watch could reduce company earnings by as much as 10 cents per share each year.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO tried pushing back the tariff by meeting with President Trump, but it’s still not clear if the government will retract or change their policy.


Samantha Wiley

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