Team 17’s ‘The Survivalists’ arrives on Apple Arcade


Apple Arcade gains a new addition today with ‘The Survivalists‘.

The Survivalists

‘The Survivalists’ is a sandbox type game that allows players to survive, thrive and explore an island filled with danger. The title is available to play right now on the Apple TV, Mac, iPad and iPhone. It’s developed by Team 17, known for producing hits such as Worms, Overcooked and Escapists.

‘The Survivalists’ app store description reads that the wilderness is procedurally generated and there’s a variety of biomes to explore. Each player will have a unique adventure, and supports up to three in networked play.

A short game trailer can be viewed on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Furthermore, it’s available to play on other platforms, including the PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Apple Arcade is a game subscription service for $4.99 a month. Currently, the platform has more than a hundred exclusive games ranging across genres.

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