The court in Brazil rules in favor of Apple over iPhone slowing

A Brazil court has ruled in favor of Apple over the controversial practice of slowing down iPhones.

Apple has been facing issues in the USA and France to slow down and reduce the performance of old iPhone models. Despite the fines Apple has paid around the world for its slow iPhones, Apple wins the case in Brazil. A court in Brazil ruled the evidence in favor of Apple for the iPhone slow down the controversy. According to the local news, Apple won the case because the court ruled has taken necessary actions.  

The court in Brazil Rules in Favor of Apple over iPhone Slowing

According to the report by Tilt, Apple has been winning in the courts of Brazil. However, the authorities of the Brazilian lawsuit want to take the case to the Supreme Federal court in Brazil. 

Back in 2017, Apple admitted that it slowed down the performance of older iPhones on purpose. The company did that to prevent the power surges, which can result in unexpected device shutdown. 

The Ministry of Justice’s National Consumer Secretariat even opened an investigation for this action, which is also known as BatteryGate. The courts, however, ruled that there was insufficient evidence and believed that Apple had already taken appropriate action. The court closed its inquiries and notified Apple.

Apple has won in Brazil, but in France, it had to pay a considerable amount as a fine. Apple had to pay a larger $500 million settlement in California.