This week at the WWDC Apple confirmed that it will now transition from the Intel to its custom-designed chips. According to Apple the reason for the shift was the performance advantage the new chips will have. But other sources also suggest that the reason Apple ditched Intel was a quality control issue with the Skylake chips.

Buggy Skylake Chips

Buggy Skylake Chips

François Piednoël who is the former Intel engineer says:

“The quality assurance of Skylake was more than a problem”

He also added saying that

“It was abnormally bad”

He also added saying that it is due to the problems in the Skylake chips Apple became the number one filer of issues in their architecture. He says that it is this problem in the chips that caused Apple to shift to its custom chips. He said that for him this was the infection point. He added, at last, saying that it is the bad quality of Skylake which is responsible for Appel to make the shift.

There were rumors that Apple would release its first ARM-based Mac, but on Monday it was revealed during the WWDC that Apple will sue custom Silicon chip and will launch the Macs that are based on this chip in late 2020.


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