The UK rejects Apple-Google solution for Conronavirus contact tracing


According to a report by the BBC, the NHS will not use the Apple-Google API for coronavirus tracking. NHS has plans to create a centralized application to track coronavirus exposure. 

Apple-Google Solution

According to BBC UK’s NHS will use a different model than the one proposed by Apple and Google for contact tracing. NHS also says that it will create an App that will not have any issues while using the iPhone. The users will not have to keep it on-screen and active to use the app. It is a limitation that has caused problems for similar contact tracing apps in several countries.

Germany was planning to create its app which would use the centralized system; however, Apple refused to support Germany due to which it agreed to use Apple-Google API instead. 

The Apple-Google API does not use a central computer system. The App works by sending notifications or alerts to other people through the device to device communication. People get the notification if they have been in contact with a person who was coronavirus positive. 

The UK rejects Apple-Google solution for Conronavirus contact tracing

The NHS’s engineers say that they have found a way to create the app to work on the iPhone even when the app is not active on the screen. The app will automatically wake up in the background every time the iPhone detects another device running the same app. This solution will use more battery as compared to the Apple-Google API. 

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