According to the famous leaker Jon Prosser, Apple Glass which according to him will be the marketing name of the new upcoming Apple AR glasses might have a $499 selling price. He also shared several other details about the new augmented reality glasses.

Apple AR Glasses

Apple AR Glasses

He shared these details on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech. The following are the details that he shared through the video.

  • Apple will give the new AR glasses the name, “Apple Glass”
  • The starting price of these glasses is not what users were expecting, it is less and it is $499
  • Both lenses of the glasses will have the displays
  • The users will require an iPhone to use the glasses the same as Apple Watch
  • It will have wireless charging and also have LiDar 
  • The original plan of Apple was to release these glasses at the fall event during the launch of the new iPhone, but it could push back and Apple might announce next year
  • Apple plans to release these glasses in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022

Earlier Prosser also claimed that Apple might host the iPhone event in October this year and not in September. It is also rumored that Apple is working on a VR headset.


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