“This App is No Longer Shared With You,” bug fixed says Apple


A couple of days ago a bug surfaced which did not allow the users to launch some apps and displayed the error “this app is no longer shared with you.” Several users using iPhone reported this bug which they fixed by reinstalling the app. Now the bug has been fixed. 

Bug Fixed says Apple

This bug reportedly affected many apps on the App Store which were updated. A few apps that were affected were Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and several others. At the time there was no fix besides the users first completely deleting the app from the phone and then downloading and installing it again. It was a big problem for the users to delete and then install the app again to use it. 

On Sunday morning the users noticed dozens of apps were in the list of pending updates in the App Store. According to the latest reports by TechCrunch, Apple confirmed that the bug, “This Application is No Longer Shared With You” has been fixed. According to the report Apple did not give any insight into why the problem occurred. The users can now use the apps without any issue. 


Samantha Wiley

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