Tim Cook addresses Apple employees at a virtual Company-Wide meeting

On Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the employees in a virtual meeting. It was a company-wide meeting. Tim addressed the issues that employees are facing due to work-from-home and also answered the employee’s questions. He also told us when the employees can expect to come back to stores and offices when they open. 

According to the report by Bloomberg, Tim addressed the current COVID-19 situation as an “uncertain and stressful moment.” After mention this he also added that the company is fighting and will come back strong from this crisis. He mentioned the recession of 2008 and the 1990’s bankruptcy and told that this will also end and Apple will strongly emerge. 

Tim Cook

He told his staff to stay focused by saying that if we stay focused and wisely made decisions and collaboratively manage the business; there is no reason for not being optimistic. His point was that the employees should do what they do best for Apple, and the company will emerge from this crisis without any difficulty. 

He was also asked about cutting the staff, upon which he replied, “I won’t tell you Apple won’t be impacted.” Also according to him, it is hard to say when the employees will come back and work from offices.