Tim Cook joins ‘Find Something New’ campaign

The White House job campaign, ‘Find Something New’ will have notable figures such as IBM’s Ginny Rometty, Ivanka Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Bloomberg reports that the campaign was created to encourage US citizens to seek new job opportunities via training programs and initiatives.

‘Find Something New’ is supported by IBM, Home Depot, Apple, The Ad Council and more. Both adults and students are invited to learn about training and education opportunities so they can find new jobs or head towards a new career.

Ivanka Trump and Rometty will be joined by Tim Cook in a virtual roundtable. Furthermore, Cook emphasized the important of giving everyone the tools they would need to start new endeavors and succeed in novel opportunities. He says that in order to invest in the future they will need to invest in education and people.

The online resource for the campaign shows the different resources and programs available for people who want to advance their skills or look for new jobs.

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