Tim Cook will address Apple employees in a virtual meeting this month

Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to hold a company-wide virtual meeting with the employees later this month. The purpose of the meeting is to ask the employees for the work from home arrangements. The CEO intends to take the feedback of the employees for these arrangements due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the CEO will ask questions from the employees related to the COVID-19. The company sent a plan for the meeting to its employees on Wednesday. The actual date of the meeting has not yet been disclosed.

Tim Cook

In the note that Apple sent to its employees, it asked them to share their views about daily life due to this pandemic and how it has disturbed their lives. They will share their experience of working from home in this situation.

Apple has closed its retail stores until May 3. The employees will continue to work from home till then. Apple reviews its arrangements regularly to ensure that the employees are not facing any difficulties.

Apple also had measures for parents. Apple is offering flexible work schedules to parents who are working from home. The reason is that children are at home and cannot attend school.