Towers of Everland the famous RPG now available on Apple Arcade

The famous RPG Towers of Everland by Cobra Mobile is now available on Apple arcade for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. It is an interesting game that combines various elements of RPG, exploration, and combat into an interactive adventurous quest. 

The game’s description on the Apple arcade makes it more interesting. Now the users can combine the combating and RPG elements and merge them to create a unique experience. This experience will deliver an amazing adventure and will make the users come back again. 

The game challenges the users if they are brave enough to conquer every tower in the game. It has endless variations. The users can now test their skills and battle against monsters like never before. The game has several weapons that the users can use and play. 

The users who have Apple Arcade subscription can now get access to Towers of Everland on iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad through App Store and Mac App Store. Once the users get the Apple Arcade Subscription they will enjoy the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV users with more than 100 games without in-app purchases or annoying ads. This service is available only for $4.99 per month. 

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