Trump and Cook’s Apple Texas Facility Tour to Proceed as Planned


Tim Cook, Apple CEO will give a tour of the Texas plant facility on Wednesday for President Donald Trump, where the newest Mac Pro are assembled.

Trump and Cook's Apple Texas Facility Tour to Proceed as Planned

Reuters says that the trip’s aim is to highlight U.S. companies that keep the jobs in the country, although both parties (the White House and Apple) are yet to confirm the visit.

Apple has been vocal about the New Mac Pro having the ‘Made in USA’ brand. When the product debuted in 2013 it was made in the same Texas plant. The visit puts to point the relationship between Cook and President Donald Trump, with controversial interactions occurring every now and then.

Cook’s strategy has largely been successful, with Trump’s China tariffs getting deflected temporarily. In addition, the Cupertino-based company hired Jeffrey Miller, Trump associate to lobby on Apple’s behalf, specifically the trade issues and how it affects tech goods and services.


Samantha Wiley

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