UK’s NHS contact Tracing App Will use Apple-Google API

According to the reports by BBC UK’s new NHS App will use Apple’s Contact Tracing technology for its upcoming app. 

Matt Hancock, Britain’s health secretary told the news that NHS is working closely with the tech companies to develop the app that uses Apple’s Contact Tracing technology. Apple and Google have partnered to fight against the coronavirus and will release an App that will help health agencies and governments to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 


According to BBC, NHSX was not aware of the Apple-Google project. The report says that the NHS has plans to integrate the Google-Apple APIs to create the new App. For NHS it means that it will no longer need to use workarounds to monitor the signals. 

The idea behind the App is that the person who uses the app and finds that he has the coronavirus will declare on the App his status of the diagnosis. Once they declare them to have the disease the application will then send an alert to everyone who has been in contact with that person. The app will send the alert to that person anonymously. 

Hancock says that App will ethically handle the data shared by the users. According to the news sources, NHS will test the app on families in a safe location next week in Northern England.