Updated Apple Maps now live in Central and Southeast US

In December, Apple started testing a detailed Apple Maps in Southeast and Central U.S. After several weeks, the content is now available to all Apple Maps users.

The ‘new and improved’ Apple Maps now has features such as updated bodies of water, pedestrian pathways, pools, foliage, parking lots, sports fields, parks, roads and buildings.

Apple employed vehicles that had LIDAR cameras and sensors to gather data and map details of the region. The updated app began life with the release of iOS 12, and at the WWDC 2019 the Cupertino-based company promised that the updated Apple Maps will be available by the end of 2019.

With the release of the mapping terrain Apple has fulfilled its promise. For those who are interested they can check their Apple Maps app for updates on when the feature will go live in their devices.

Apple has also mentioned that it intends to bring detailed Apple Maps to other countries in 2020.

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