Today at Apple kicks things off with virtual art sessions for Chicagoan residents.


Apple is bringing virtual art sessions to Chicago high school students. The theme of ‘Today at Apple’ will include designers, illustrators and muralists who’ll share their creativity to young minds.

The virtual sessions are free and open to students aged 14 to 18. Dubbed ‘Sentrock’s Summer Studio‘, the Webex series will have five creators who will discuss art creation, inspiration and tips on how to illustrate better. The program is a collaboration between Young Chicago Authors, Secret Walls and Sentrock.

After the 1st week, twenty students will be picked for a 2-week program, where Sentrock and crew do a deep dive on art skills and offer creative advice. The final part is a Secret Walls tournament.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Apple has chosen to go virtual, with three more learning sessions planned for this year. Those who are interested can check the Today at Apple at Home webpage for more information.


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