xCloud service a No-Show on iOS

Apple explains why Microsoft’s cloud gaming service won’t be available on iOS.

Microsoft stopped the test flight program for the iOS platform on August 5 and declared the service to be an Android exclusive. An Apple spokesman explained that the streaming platform will not be added to the App Store as it violates some of its policies.


Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce and xCloud won’t be on the App Store, as its rules state that an app may not base its services solely on the cloud. Furthermore, the spokesman mentioned that the store was developed as a trusted and safe place for customers, and that all apps that make it in are thoroughly reviewed with guidelines to protect customers and to even the playing field.

True to form, Apple’s gaming subscription service Apple Arcade is not based on a cloud and requires users to download the games before playing them. Apple says gaming services can definitely launch on the App Store as long as they follow developer guidelines.