Apple has reduced the price of AppleCare Plus for select M1 Macs. In a new move, the company is making its extended warranty plan for the M1 MacBook Air and the M1 13” MacBook Pro more affordable to consumers. As a result of the price reduction, the plans now cost $199 (USD) down from $249 for the Macbook Air and $249 down from $269 for the 13” M1 MacBook Pro.

M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop at $999

While Apple does not sell the Intel version of the MacBook Air anymore, the discounted price of Apple Care Plus still applies to the Intel variant. However, an AppleCare Plus plan can only be purchased within 60 days after the purchase of a Mac computer. If any Intel MacBook Airs are lying around in third-party stores, buyers can avail an extra discount on the AppleCare Plus plan for it.

Price of AppleCare Plus for Intel Macs remain unchanged

Apple has, however, not reduced the price of AppleCare Plus plan for the Intel based MacBook Pro. The company still sells the Intel variant of the MacBook Pro – both 13” and 16” models. The 13” MacBook Pro is considered as a top-tier model with high system memory configurations (RAM) upto 32GB which are not available on the M1 powered MacBook Pro models. 

There appears to be no price difference in the AppleCare Plus plan for the 16” MacBook Pro. Apple appears to be only tweaking (reducing) the price of M1 powered Mac laptops. The company is expected to unveil a redesigned 16” MacBook Pro powered by Apple Silicon in the near future. The machine is expected to drop the use of Touch Bar which is currently available on the Intel powered 16” MacBook Pro, however, many users complain that they find the traditional function keys to be more reliable.

AppleCare Plus for Mac
AppleCare Plus for Mac

AppleCare Plus plans for Mac computers extend the warranty of the machine by two years – bringing it to three years (1 year standard warranty + 2 years extended warranty). 


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