Apple’s 2nd Gen AirPods are nearly $50 Off

If you want a budget Apple AirPods and don’t mind being a few years behind then this deal is for you. Today, the Apple 2nd generation AirPods is down to just $109.99 from its original price of $160 on Amazon.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) $159.00 $109.99

Apple AirPods pair up quite nicely with iOS devices. You can access Siri and have a voice assistant read your messages, among other things. Battery life is sufficient at 24 hours with the charging case, which means you can use it all day for calls, watching videos and listening to music.

These earbuds are truly convenient and come with technology to make life easier. Take them out and they auto-connect to your device, auto-pause whenever you remove them, and users can share audio between two AirPods with an Apple TV, iPad or iPhone.

Design and hardware-wise, you’re sure to get quality that’s associated with Apple. So, if you have a hundred bucks to spare then you should definitely get the discounted 2nd generation AirPods today!

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