Apple’s 5G modem chips get production start

Apple will begin producing its first in-house 5G modem for the iPhone by the year 2023, as per a Nikkei Asia report.

TSMC, Apple’s chip partner, will be tasked with production work. The move has been planned for several years now and has been accelerated with the acquisition of most of Intel’s modem business. Once in motion, Apple will be able to move away from Qualcomm and become an independent chipmaker for cellular connectivity.

The Cupertino-based company intends to use the 4nm chip technology TSMC is utilizing. In addition, Apple might be developing its own mm wave and radio frequency for the modem, as well as a power management chip.

Currently, both TSMC and Apple are on trial with designs regarding the modem chip and the 5 nm process. However, it’s expected to be mass produced using the 4 nm technology. TSMC is working to make the 4 nm technology a standard for the 2022 iPhone, 2022 iPad and 2023 iPhones. 

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