Apple’s ‘Careers at Apple’ page gets a design refresh

Apple has recently updated its careers page with a few short films, quotes from staff and a design refresh.

The webpage, titled ‘Careers at Apple‘ had a new relaunch and highlights teams and employees in the company, including Software and Services, Apple Retail and the Engineer section.

The refresh is coupled with a reiteration of the Apple values- diversity, inclusion, privacy, environment, education and accessibility. The Cupertino-based company mentioned how all those values are ‘built in’ the firm, including careers.

Apple also launched ‘Life at Apple’ and ‘Work at Apple’ pages to show more details regarding employee diversity, organization and teams. In ‘Work at Apple’, the company says that functional specialties are in place instead of business units, something that’s ‘rare for a company our size’.

The page has links to job openings in the company, which is currently in the 600s and includes various positions around the world.

‘Careers at Apple’ effectively replaces ‘Jobs at Apple’ with the launch.

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