The Apple Trackpad makes creative work and browsing easy, and is a must-have accessory for those who engage in these practices on a daily basis. Today, the Apple Magic Trackpad (Black) is down to just $119 from its original price of $149 on Amazon.

Apple Magic Trackpad

Instead of the usual white, why not go against the flow and stay classy in black? Apple’s trackpad connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, and it’s more convenient than ever. There’s no need to slot in batteries, thanks to a rechargeable built-in battery.

The Apple Trackpad pairs nicely with an iPad or Mac, with a large edge-to-edge area for swiping and scrolling. The flat and portable component can be brought easily in a pack or bag. The slight downward angle is ergonomic and feels very nice against your fingers. When the time comes to charge, simply attach the USB-C to Lightning cable from your iPad or Mac. Buy the discounted Magic Trackpad today!


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