Apple’s Find My App now includes VanMoof E3 and S3 E-Bikes


VanMoof, an electric bike company has recently announced that Apple’s Find My App will be compatible with its E3 and S3 models.


Find My App is a feature that allows the user to track devices (and now, VanMoof electric bikes) via location. E3 and S3 owners will now be able to see where their e-bikes are on the Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Find My also has offline tracking, which uses the Apple network to relay last known location in hopes of retrieving the item. It has built-in encryption to protect the security and privacy of the device owner.

VanMoof S3 and E3 owners can make their bikes play a sound or put them in ‘Lost Mode’. Those who find it will be able to return the device quickly by providing the necessary details.

Belkin and Chipolo are among the other companies to gain third party Find My support, particularly Belkin’s Soundform Earbuds and Chipolo’s item tracker.

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