A Wall Street Journal report recently revealed that Apple’s fiscal year earning on games was much bigger than Activision, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony combined in 2019.

Apple’s Gaming

The Apple vs Epic lawsuit brought to light the profits Apple was making in App Store games. It’s said that the Cupertino-based company has made $8.5 billion in profits, to which Apple mentioned that the operating margins were higher.

WSJ stated that the profit was greater by $2 billion compared to the one Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision and Sony made in the same time period. Company filings and Microsoft’s numbers revealed the estimate.

Apple countered by saying that the figure mentioned in the trial did not factor in App Store joint costs, and that the analysis may have only revealed a small fraction of the overall cost. This piece of information shows that Apple is surprisingly a major force in the gaming industry, and one that outpaces other popular brands in terms of revenue.


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