Apple’s High-End Audio Product, the AirPods Max is Now $79 Off

The AirPods Max is an absolute engineering and audio design marvel. Today, it’s down to just $469.99 from its original price of $549 on Amazon.

Apple’s high end audio accessory is a thing of beauty inside and out. It features a dynamic driver designed by Apple for a unique hi-fi sound. Spatial audio and head tracking technology works like magic and provides a more immersive and theater-like experience. Inside is an H1 chip for custom acoustics and computational audio. Additions such as on-head detection, seamless device switching and instant setup are a nice touch.

New Apple AirPods Max - Silver

The AirPods Max has a noise cancelling feature and transparency mode depending on what you need. As for the hardware, Apple has pulled out all the stops with its memory foam ear cushions and remarkable knit mesh canopy. A single charge can last up to 20 hours and you can store it with a smart case. Buy it today!