Apple’s venture into original podcast content has hit a milestone today- ‘Hooked’, a true crime podcast, is now available in the Podcasts app.


‘Hooked’ tells the story of Tony Hathaway, a former Boeing design engineer who turned to robbing banks to feed his oxycontin addiction. The true crime podcast series can be accessed in Podcasts, with the first three episodes available to listen to right now.

‘Hooked’ is added to the growing lineup of original podcasts, including ‘For All Mankind: The Official Podcast’ and ‘Oprah’s Book Club’. ‘Hooked’ has that special distinction of not being tied to any Apple TV+ series. Podcast production has ramped up and lines with Apple’s effort to compete with Spotify in the podcast streaming department.

In similar news, Apple Podcasts gets two new subscription channels, Slate and BBC Studios. BBC Studios unlocks content for Canadian and United States viewers that was previously exclusive in the UK region.


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