Rumors come to light that Apple is working on an iPad-MacBook hybrid to be launched by 2025.

Touchscreen Keyboard

There have been reports of a portable 20 inch device that has the innards of a MacBook or iPad. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that the future device will probably have a physical keyboard attached, or have one side work as a virtual keyboard for productivity purposes.

The sentiments echo around the statements of Ross Young, who believes that the product will offer ‘true dual use’ and have a ‘full size keyboard when folded’. When it’s primary use is a display, then an external keyboard could be connected.

Other details surrounding the MacBook-iPad hybrid include 4K resolution. Although analysts say that it might arrive by 2025 the more realistic date might be 2026 or beyond.

In similar news, Apple has sent in a patent that discusses a ‘keyless keyboard’ concept, with the second screen acting as a keyboard or trackpad as needed.


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