Apple’s latest patent involves smart fabric as wearable


Recent patent filings by the Cupertino-based company suggest that it’s looking at developing switches and sensors into fabric for use in clothes, bags and furniture, among others.

Smart Fabric as Wearable

The patent, titled ‘fabric control device’ discusses embedding technology into fabric. Apple already has several patents that are related, including smart buttons and woven bands for the Apple Watch.

Specifically, the patent looks at fabric items as possible ‘control devices’. It listed every conceivable device available and suggestions that involve the use of fabric for them. Apple notes that it could be a headband, wrist band or strap, or a removable case or bag with straps, or part of seating structures such as a sofa or chair. Other suggestions in the patent claimed everyday items such as shirts, socks, belts, hats and gloves, among others.

Three inventors were given credit to the patent, which includes fabric Smart Keyboards for the iPad creator Daniel Podhajny.

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