Apple’s Latest Video Ads Focus on Privacy, Encryption and Recycling


Apple is promoting consumer and environmental care with their latest video ads. Each of these are only about 16 seconds long and are posted on the company’s Australian YouTube channel. Below are the links and short explanations for the videos.

Apple’s Latest Video Ads Focus on Privacy, Encryption and Recycling

iPhone – App Store Privacy

In the video, Apple stresses the point that all apps that you see on the App Store are reviewed to prevent malware.

Recently, it was found that there were thousands of fake apps circulating Google Play Store, with users mistaking them for the real ones. 2,000-plus of them contained malware and 1,500-plus asked for permissions that could compromise the user’s privacy.

iPhone – iMessage Encryption

Here, Apple states that they encrypt all your conversations. The video reveals the message via sliding puzzle motions.

The Cupertino-based company condemned the UK security’s ‘Ghost Proposal’ idea of bypassing end-to-end encryption to access conversations on iMessage and other apps. Apple pushed against the suggestion and mentioned that the move will result in security risks and threaten basic human rights.

iPhone – Material Recycling

The Apple ad video shows how the company recycles their devices in an interesting slide.

The example is the iPhone’s tungsten content, but it has been reported that even the latest devices such as AirPods are recyclable as well.


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