Developer logs and Bloomberg point to the production of at least nine Mac models that will have the newest M2 Apple Silicon chip.

M2 Chip

Bloomberg says that nine Mac machines are undergoing testing before being revealed to the public, including a MacBook Air, the Mac mini in M2 Pro and M2 configuration, the MacBook Pro in M2 Max and M2 Pro configuration, a Mac Pro and others that are getting the M1 chip, including the Mac mini with the M1 Max and the M1 Pro chips.

The logs point to coinciding rumors that a redesigned MacBook Air will arrive in 2022 with an M2 chip. Also, there were rumors that say the date will be moved to later and the next MacBook Pros will be arriving in 2023.

There’s no word on the exact date of when it will be revealed or available for purchase at or Apple Stores yet.


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