Apple’s new game porting toolkit launches

The Apple game porting toolkit has been released for developers who are interested in porting their Windows-exclusive games to the Mac.

The new toolkit, announced during this year’s WWDC, allows users to run their games on an emulated environment to see if they would run natively and without modifications. The beta version is available to download on the official Apple Developer website.

Apple game porting toolkit

Along with the toolkit, Apple is releasing a new Metal shader converter that takes care of the graphics and shaders code on Windows games for Apple silicon. The Cupertino-based company said that the converter and toolkit will ‘reduce total development time’ for porting Windows games to the Mac from months to just several days and reduce complexities along the way.

An explainer video, titled ‘bring your game to Mac’ is available to watch on the Apple website. There are also several resources, including gaming tools and technologies for developers.