Apple’s New HomeKit Secure Video Requires iCloud Storage Plan

HomeKit Secure Video, a new feature within the Apple HomeKit platform provides a more secure way of managing your home security camera’s recorded videos.

Surveillance equipment that supports the Secure Video feature will allow users with a HomePod, Apple TV or iPad to check the video feeds that’s encrypted end-to-end for ultimate security. The videos are uploaded to the cloud, where you’ll need the appropriate cloud storage plan.

The requirements are as follows:

  • A 200 GB iCloud storage plan is required for 1 camera.
  • A 2 TB iCloud storage plan is required for up to 5 cameras.

A 200GB iCloud plan will cost $2.99 a month while the 2TB space will cost $9.99 a month. Apple has mentioned that companies Eufy, Logitech and Netatmo are among the first ones to provide cameras with support for HomeKit Secure Video, while Charter Spectrum, Eero and Linksys are the first to provide routers with HomeKit technology.

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