Apple’s new TikTok filter reenacts Styles’ AirPods ad


Apple has released a new filter on TikTok so users can replay the recent Harry Styles’ AirPods video that highlights Spatial Audio.

AirPods Ad

The new silhouette effect is revealed on promoted posts, with users able to create short clips of them dancing to the ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’ track by Styles.

The video is conducted via a camera effect, which changes the user background to a solid color, with overlays that evoke the older iPod ads.

As the background colors change the filter also adds a digital pair of AirPods in the user’s ears and lasts for around 20 seconds.

Those interested can try out the new TikTok filter in their iPhones. Just tap the plus icon to create a new post, then choose ‘effects’ and search for ‘AirPods Silhouette. Stand in a blank wall and make sure your face is aligned in the screen circle.

Tap the record button and make the changes you want before going to ‘next’ and publishing the post.

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