Apple has launched a new ad campaign that takes a look at health data privacy.

Health Data Privacy

‘Privacy on iPhone- The Waiting Room’ is the latest ad video to appear on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Only a minute and a half in length, the ad explores people sharing data about themselves both knowingly and unknowingly. The subject revolves around private health information and an increasing concern that the data may be leaked to third-party companies.

The ad then transitions to Apple devices and services having built-in privacy protections, with assurances that users’ health data ‘remains secure’ within the ecosystem. The commercial is headlined by comedian and actress Jane Lynch providing commentary on the video.

Apple’s ad campaign will run across broadcast media, billboards, and social media in 24 countries around the globe. A supplementary white paper has also been published on how Apple protects user privacy via HealthKit and the Health app.


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